GeoIP aware SMTP service – 3

Building Central Hub

Component list:
Postfix (build from rpm source);
QMail (mini version);
MySQL for SASL authentication;
PAM_MySQL PAM module support mysql password db;
GeoIP database;
GeoIP perl module;
perl scripting;

Build Postfix

Postfix 2.6 support tcp_table, the feature I needed in this project, but it does not build into standard rpm package. So, what I need to do is download source rpm and build it. Continue reading

GeoIP aware SMTP service – 1

Sending email to all over the world, especially to China, is a big challenge. How to deliver email safely and lower the bandwidth consumption?

Here is my recipes.

Standard SMTP need a lot of conversations, to finish ONE email message. So, for long distance transaction, I’ll make use of QMQP (Quick Mail Queueing Protocol) which is a lot faster than standard one.

To identify country, I’ll use GeoIP Continue reading