IP accounting using pmacct and NetFlow – 2

After successfully capture Netflow data, my boss remind me to split IN and OUT traffic data…(read previous story)

Lets find answer from official documents …read~ read~ read~

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IP accounting using pmacct and NetFlow – 1

I have several subnet need ip accounting for billing network traffic consumption. Since we have Netflow setup in our network, it would be easy to reuse those information collected.

I’ve found pmacct (Official website: http://www.pmacct.net/) can read Netflow data and store into MySQL, Nice!!!!
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Measure IOPs in Unix/Linux

When discuss about storage performance, we talk about IOPs. But how to measure IOPs in Unix/Linux system?
In hard disk specification we will have disk throughput in MB/s. It is easy to translate
MB/s into IOPS and vice versa, we need to do a little math:

IOPS = (MBps Throughput / KB per IO) * 1024
MBps = (IOPS * KB per IO) / 1024

In fact, servers in real world never run on a single direct attached disk Continue reading