Fix PC by Aluminium Foil

My desktop keep rebooting this morning, probably because of CPU overheated. I’ve open it and clean the dust on heat sink, but no luck. I thought, maybe the root problem is heat conductive epoxy dried.

I’ve opened it and found that epoxy looks like chalk, dry and crunchy. I need to buy some new silver conductive epoxy to fix it, but the computer shop near me always open for business at 1pm. Damn! I need to work immediately!!!!!!!

Aha~~! I can use some soft metal sheet as a replacement…….then, I go to kitchen and steal some aluminium foil from my wife. I cut it into 1 inches by 3 inches long stripe, fold it twice to make a 1 inch square foil, and then put on top of CPU after remove all epoxy, re-install the heat sink/fan.


Hmmm….it work!!

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